Summer closing weekend

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The last weekend of August – or better the summer closing weekend – was busy but exciting! I did 5 shows on 4 days in 3 countries, Belgium, The Netherlands and Poland. The travels were hard but it was all worth it once I got on stage and saw the big crowd.

In Poland, other than you would expect, the weather was beautiful. Sunshine and a nice temperature! The first one, an open air gig in Ilów, was the best one. The second one was also fun to do and the crowd was as loving as usual.



I felt a bit ill this weekend… Not the best weekend to get a sore throat from the airco to be honest. But like they say: the show must go on. I still had two more shows planned that weekend.

By the way, meet two of my Polish fans, Sandra and Adrian.


After we got back to Belgium I had the chance to go home for a few hours to get some rest. Aftwards we left to Maastricht where they invited me to perform at Preuvenemint, the biggest culinary event in the city. Thousands of people were at the event to taste new food or to try a special cocktail. It was my pleasure to do this show for these foodlovers.



After the show we had to rush to be on time for my second show that night in Rotterdam. De Unie (a club/bar) had their annual De Unie XXL night. When I arrived they leaded me to the backstage what happened to be at the Balmain hairdresser! They even gave me a haircut right before my performance and also some great presents. (thanks by the way! I loved it!!!) The stage of this show was rather small but really close to the audience which makes the show a bit more intimate. Unfortunately, my voice decided not to be 100% So please sing along! And they sang… loud and proud!!! Gayaudience = bestaudience xx



Doing shows was not the only thing I did that weekend. I don’t know if you ever heard about Horses Fight Cancer? Well, it’s a benefit to raise money for the Fund against Cancer in Belgium. Fans could to bid on the website and the one with the highest bid got to be my company in a Bentley GT Cabrio during a race through Ostend. I must say, it felt pretty good to drive this fancy ride!

horses fight cancer

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Till next time!